What VorTech mode is best?

We are frequently asked "What mode is best for my aquarium"?  Our answer is always the same, "Whichever mode works best for your aquarium".  Obviously this is a difficult question to answer and there are many factors that influence the mode you use.  Things to consider when deciding on a mode(s) for your aquarium are as follows:

Livestock: The corals, fish and invertebrates housed within your aquarium 
Rock work: The amount and layout of liverock within an aquarium will impact flow
Pump Placement: An area where the VorTech can provide unobstructed flow is ideal
Aquarium Size: Size of your aquarium will dictate the amount and type of VorTechs
Additional flow: Other sources of flow are important when determining what mode to use and where to place your pump.

After taking all of the above into consideration, every VorTech mode works very well but some may not be quite what your aquarium needs.  For example, if you have an all SPS aquarium, you will obviously require a lot more flow.  We like to use Short Pulse, Reefcrest and Nutrient Transport for these systems.  Soft coral and LPS are often found in lower energy areas of the reef and benefit from Gyre, Lagoon and Tidal Swell.  

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