What is the maximum aquarium thickness for each of your VorTech pumps, and will they work on my tank?

The maximum tank thickness for each VorTech pump is as follows: 

MP10 Maximum Tank Thickness: 3/8′′ (9.5mm) 

MP40 Thickness Range: 3/16′′ – 3/4′′ (4.76mm – 19mm) 

MP60 Thickness Range: 3/8′′ – 1′′ (9.5mm – 26mm) 

The best thing to do is to contact your aquarium manufacturer. Another possibility is to closely measure the glass or acrylic with calipers or a ruler. It is very important to take a measurement on the pane of glass/acrylic which the VorTech will be used on, as many aquarium manufacturers use different thickness of glass for different sides of the aquarium.

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