The Vectra Advantage

There are 4 key factors about the Vectra we like to refer to as the Vectra advantage.  Listed below you can find more information on why the Vectra is right for your aquarium.  

Controllability: Combined with the ReefLink, your Vectra can be controlled via our cloud-based software, EcoSmart Live.  You will be able to create a custom 24 hour schedule and access your device remotely from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Quiet Operation: The Vectra line of centrifugal pumps incorporates the same QuietDrive technology as our VorTech Propeller pumps.  This allows the Vectra to be one of the quietest pumps in the market today.  

Cost Savings: Traditional AC pumps when used as a return pump require the use of a choke value in order to regulate flow.  This is extremely inefficient for several reasons, but mainly, because the choke values adds artificial impedance, wasting electricity.  

Active Feedback: When used in conjunction with the ReefLink, you will receive performance and status alerts on your Vectra.  

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