Can I control both my EcoSmart and Quiet Drive VorTechs via EcoSmart Live?

          Yes, both EcoSmart and Quiet Drive VorTechs can be controlled via EcoSmart Live assuming 2 key things.  1. You have a ReefLink associated with your EcoSmart Live account. 2.  The VorTech pumps you've purchased are wireless models.  Wireless functionality is indicated by the W being illuminated in the top right corner of your VorTech controller.  

***An Important note*** All EcoSmart VorTech pumps will require a firmware update in order to be controlled via the ReefLink.  To update the firmware on your EcoSmart VorTech, sign into EcoSmart Live and select the "Devices" tab.  From there, select the "Update EcoSmart VorTech" option.  

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